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Molly Markman has a close connection to the Bay Area’s diversity, unique history, architecture, and stunning scenery—she grew up here. As a native Californian, her love for her hometown of San Francisco and the joy she experiences living here is infectious and naturally extends to her clients. Choosing a career in real estate was an easy decision for Molly. Her passion for the property market, architecture, interior design, and all things home have allowed her to confidently step into a thriving career in the Bay Area real estate industry.

Steadfastly focused on giving the best possible service, Molly has an unshakeable commitment to her clients. By creating a calm, clear-headed strategy with them, she cultivates an educated environment where her well-informed clients make confident decisions that carry them into the future. With a fluency in design principles, apt negotiation abilities, strategic sales and marketing skills, and a natural affinity for crafting enjoyable and successful experiences—she is the complete package.

Molly received an undergraduate degree in religious studies (University of London) and a master’s degree in art history (University of Glasgow). Her studies gave her an analytical understanding of the complex context in which properties are designed, built, change, and evolve as well as an appetite for delving into the history of homes. She consistently leverages her strong academic background to help her client’s achieve their property hopes and wishes in efficient and resourceful ways.

Off-stage, her caring disposition and curious nature guide her in volunteering at SECA (Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art, SFMOMA) and participating as a member of the Marina Neighborhood Association. Molly also loves spending time with Walle, her rescue dog, trying out new recipes on her family and friends, wandering around art museums, traveling, attending the theatre and the opera, and spending time with her husband Matthew.